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In 1996, NuPure Corporation was founded, with the charter of being the leading supplier of Gas Purifiers to the Analytical Industry. By the end of 1997, NuPure had expanded it's product offering by taking over, under license, the complete line of Gas Purifiers and Particle Filters, from UltraPure™ Systems Inc., of Colorado Springs, CO, USA. During 1998 - 2001, we added to our technological strengths by exclusively licensing five new patents for gas purification. In 2002, we internally developed several new designs of purifiers especially for new Optics applications, with verified PPT-level performance.

NuPure's manufacturing has similarly undergone a transition from external to internal capabilities. Initially, purifiers were made for us ("private labeled") by UltraPure Systems Inc. By late 1997, our owners established Tomorrow's Metals LLC, in Colorado Springs, to manufacture gas purifiers and filters exclusively for the NuPure label. In July 2002, NuPure Corporation relocated to a larger facility in Ottawa. This allowed the expansion and consolidation of all it's operations. In September 2002, we purchased and relocated the manufacturing equipment and inventory of the former QAM / Kinetic Systems purifier group. By 2003, we succeeded in establishing our own state-of-the-art manufacturing, gas analysis, and research capabilities, all under one roof.

Because of NuPure's exclusive focus on gas purification and filtration, our reputation has grown as a quality supplier of these products to both the Semiconductor and Analytical Industries. With Corporate HeadQuarters in Ottawa, Canada, and Distributors throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, we are ready to support our customers worldwide.

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