The Trinity series of NuPure purifiers offer economical removal of most contaminants from inert gases to sub ppb levels and integral particle gas filter. This dual stage room temperature operated purifier will replace dedicated bulky Oxygen, Moisture traps with one small unit less than 5" in total length (Model T40).

Trinity Series:

Gases Purified:Ar, He, N2 (all other noble gases)
Impurities Removed:H2O, O2, CO, CO2, H2.
Impurity Levels:< 1 ppb
Filtration:0.5 µm
Nominal Flows (cc/min):150, 400, and up
 ModelAll Impurities
Gas Capacity:T15079,000 (10 Tanks)
(Liters of Gas)T400210,000 (25 Tanks)
Fittings:VCR® and Swagelok®
Features:Low cost
Factory rechargeable
Non-release of trapped contaminants
Room temperature operation

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